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The Gallery in now open 0

The Gallery in now open

I have put together a little gallery of some of my sketch card work.  You can find it on the right side of the screen under the Blogs of Interest. I got into drawing...

The Clone Wars have ended 0

The Clone Wars have ended

I finished up all of the sketch cards for Star Wars:Clone Wars.  I really enjoyed this set!  I’ll be posting some images after the set is approved and hits the shelves. by

Clone Wars Sketches 2

Clone Wars Sketches

So I can’t show any actual cards until the set is released, but I’ve been working on a set of 106 sketch trading cards for the new Clone Wars movie.  I took the kids...

Celebration Japan Creatures 1

Celebration Japan Creatures

If you blinked when Han shot Greedo (Han shot first) you may have missed out on the reaction from Momaw Nadon the Ithorian listlessly spending his time in exile after revealing secrets of Itorian...

Celebration Japan Sketch 3

Celebration Japan Sketch

I’m working out my idea for my Celebration Japan sketch. I sent it in to Lucasfilm to get feedback on it. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a big secret or not....

Clone Wars Sketch 0

Clone Wars Sketch

In the spirit of improving my sketches, I decided to bring my sketchbook with me to my kids swim team practice. Here’s what I came up with.  I roughed in the character with a...