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Show me the Munny 0

Show me the Munny

Munny (pronounced Muhn-ee) is primarily a “Do-it-Yourself” toy meant to be decorated using pens, pencils, markers, paint, or whatever you’d like. This vinyl toy has movable joints and is available in white, black, pink,...

Fan Days Sketch card commissions 0

Fan Days Sketch card commissions

I’ve got these two done and I’ve got two more requests on my list.  Color Sketch Card commissions for $30.00 (unless of course your a good haggler or you have galactic heroes to trade!)...

Indiana Jones Masterpieces 0

Indiana Jones Masterpieces

Just before I went off to Texas I got word that I would be working on 100 cards for the Indiana Jones Masterpieces set.  Today was the deadline to get all the cards done...