Show me the Munny

Munny (pronounced Muhn-ee) is primarily a “Do-it-Yourself” toy meant to be decorated using pens, pencils, markers, paint, or whatever you’d like. This vinyl toy has movable joints and is available in white, black, pink, and glow in the dark green. The figure is housed in a box which includes 4 random accessories that vary from a different series (1 through 4, 4 being the latest) and can be many things, such as a carrot or a hat. It also includes one out of a series of collectible coloring book which have been designed by a variety of people.  Available in different sizes this 4″ blank toy cost about $10.00 but can resell for 100s to 1000s of dollars.  I guess you could compare it to buying a canvas to paint on.

The Munny is produced by Kidrobot.   Kidrobot is well known as a producer and retailer of designer toys.  They were founded in 2002 by Paul Budnitz, specializing in artist-created toys and imports from Japan, Hong Kong, and Europe.  So in the world of designer vinyl toys what better product to make than a canvas for other artists to create original works of art.  Every Munny that they sell becomes a one-of-a-kind AND they each are randomly packed with some accessory so you feel compelled to collect them all!

I’m kinda a Star Wars fan, so the above image of the Tusken Raider Munny caught my eye.  It was made by a toy customizer and 3D artist working for Avalanche Studio who goes by the name Squapper.  Here’s a bit about the process that he used from an interview with  Click the link to see more photos and read the full interview.

For the body, I simply sewed clothes by hand, soaked them in water, painted with watercolor to add dirt, messed up the edges and then put them on the Munny and let the dry in place to fit to the shape.

For the bandages, I cut cloth into strips, soaked them and painted them, messed up the edges while wet and then let dry. Fitting them to the head was then simply a matter of using spray glue to make it adhere like tape and wrapping them on…

here’s a commercial for Munny

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