Kung Fu Panda KOs WALL-E

We took the kids to go and see WALL-E.  Let me clarify.  My wife and I packed up our Five children ages 10-1 and went to the THEATER.  We don’t do this very often because of the drama that it can cause.

I watched the WALL-E trailer and it left me with the same impression that I got from Nemo and Cars and Ratatouille.  I thought that the trailer was weak and I wasn’t interested in the story.  I believe in Pixar’s ability to tell good stories because I’ve watched their movies even after a poor first impression from the trailer.  They are on a winning streak and they are staffed with talent.  Even with all that talent and the wonderful track record, when the movie ended my wife and I stood up and made eye contact down the row (all of our children inbetween us) and then shook our heads.  She said, “Well, we’re not buying THAT one on DVD”.  Sure, it was great that the robots never “talked”, but from being around all these kids I’ve learned to communicate without words quite well.  I thought that the best thing about that movie was the short film “Presto” and DVD extra (my sister let the kids borrow it) movie called Burn-E.

We also watched the movie Kung Fu Panda.  Not quite ready to make the same financial commitment as we did with WALL-E, we waited and watched it on DVD.  As soon as the movie was over I was ready to watch it again.  It was fun and playful with lots of action and classic martial arts cinematography.  For quite some time I’ve felt that I was alone in my feelings.  I didn’t quite see how everybody was swooning for WALL-E and skipping over Panda.  Well, today came the Annie award announcement from Hollywood that Kung Fu Panda beat WALL-E in every single category, including Best Animated Feature, Animated Effects, Character Animation, Directing in an Animated Feature, Production Design, Storyboarding, and Voice Acting categories.  For a full list of winners you can go here.

the trailer for Kung Fu Panda

an action sequence

and how to make noodles from the DVD

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