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Clone Wars Sketch Cards 0

Clone Wars Sketch Cards

I will be working on 106 Artist Sketch Cards for the the Star Wars: Clone Wars Movie coming out Aug. 15th.  Thanks go out to Grant for posting about this. by



I was making the Marvel Masterpieces Sketch Cards and I thought that since I’ve been working on my drawing style that I would try out making an animated sequence.  These cards are pretty thick,...

Marvel Masterpieces SketchCards 0

Marvel Masterpieces SketchCards

Here they are, all freshly approved for display. I kept things up with the theme of “Six”. So like I said before I drew 6 cards of each character but only one is in...

Beware the Sinister Six! 1

Beware the Sinister Six!

I’m closing in on completing my Sketch Cards for Upper Deck called “Marvel Masterpieces II”. In doing this set I decided to take a trip down memory lane and do some of my favorite...

eBay again 0

eBay again

I wonder if it’s my sketches that they want or if it’s just the fact that it’s part of the Lord of the Rings set. Not matter what their reasoning may be, I feel...

Now on sale…me 3

Now on sale…me

Really it’s just some of my work. The Indiana Jones Heritage Sketch Cards that I worked on are on sale now. by

My card is on eBay!?!?! 0

My card is on eBay!?!?!

I understand that there are quite a few collectors out there interested in these cards. I just didn’t know how big the community. My friend Jess sent me a link to eBay. Somebody got...