The Gallery in now open

I have put together a little gallery of some of my sketch card work.  You can find it on the right side of the screen under the Blogs of Interest.

I got into drawing sketch cards because I wanted to improve my drawing ability.  I’ve heard that everybody has about 1000 bad drawings in them that they’ve got to work through before you find your style.  I know that I’ve got some bad ones to still get out of my system!

I put the oldest card set on the bottom, and to be honest, there are some BAD cards in the Lord of the Rings set.  It’s a little embarassing to have the cards posted, but I want to show my improvement.  I’m so happy that they were running short on that Lord of the Rings set because it gave me the opportunity to do 50 more cards.  You can totally see the difference between those 2 sets.  When I get the approval, I’m going to post EVERY SINGLE CARD I did for the Clone Wars set.  I’m pretty happy with them.

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