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This is WonderCon wrap-up post #2
With my first trip to WonderCon last year, I also had my first trip to Lucasfilm and ILM.  We had a great lunch and look around the place, but I didn’t schedule my trip very good and didn’t have much time for a tour.  So this year I contacted my friends and set up a nice leisurely tour around the place.  I’ll have to double check and see what photos and videos that I’m allowed to post, but it was pretty fun!  One of the highlights is to see some of the actual movie props like this Stormtrooper costume.


The other thing that I really enjoyed was being able to pick up some items from the Lucasfilm store.  Along with the clearance copy of Lego Indiana Jones, I was able to by some crew gear.  These are items that are made for, and available to the folks who are working on the different projects at Lucasfilm and ILM.


The last items I was able to pick up was not at the store at all.  Last year I customized a Mighty Muggs toy for a charity auction. made up some t-shirts for the participants and I finally got mine!  Thanks Pete, Bonnie, and Matt for hanging out before the show!


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