Throw me the IDOL!

Here’s a new shadow box commission of Indiana Jones racing through the Mayan Temple with the golden fertility idol.  I thought that I would show a bit about the process of creating this shadow box.  I started by making these quick sketches to get the angle of the temple hallway and the general pose for Indy.



Once I had the pose in mind I sketched a more detailed version of Indy and then inked it on a light box.



After it was all inked I colored it with Prismacolor markers and  cut it out.  Then I drew, colored and cut out all the pieces for the background images.  Each image is put onto a piece of Plexiglass and then into the shadow box.  You can see the final product in the flash file below and rotate it around.  You can also order your own commission in the store.

 [kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”335″ width=”560″ /]


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