Holy Eco-Friendly Soap!

This is WonderCon wrap-up post #1.
Normally with my convention visits I try to arrange to stay with a fellow artist (or three) in one hotel room to save some money.  Last year was my first trip to the San Francisco convention.  It was a last minute decision to tag along with Matt Busch, Paul Michael Kane, Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez.  We all stayed in one room and it got so loud from the snoring that Matt tried to get away and sleep in the bathtub!  Sorry Matt!

This year I struck out on my own and at the suggestion of my friend Otto Dieffenbach, I stayed at the Mosser Hotel and really loved it.  It’s a block or so to the convention center, in the middle of some great restaurants, and I didn’t have to worry about walking back late at night through the high crime Tenderloin neighborhood like we did last year.

One of the things that I really liked about the Mosser (besides the price) was that they were active about saving money too.  When I first walked onto my floor I saw a sign for a bathroom and a shower in the hallway and I started to wonder if I had booked a room in a hostel and would find myself waiting in line to use the toilet.  Fortunately, my neatly designed but tiny room had it’s own toilet and shower.  There was a note on the bed suggesting that I save water by not having my sheets washed every day.  Another note prompted me to reuse my towel and leave the dirty ones on the floor.  But the best cost saving device of them all was the soap.


The first thing I noticed was the HOLE in the box.  I laughed out loud remembering that I’d seen some silly invention for a hollow bar of soap that eliminated all those little bits and pieces of soap you get when its wearing down.  So I called my wife to tell her about the soap and about the joke soap I’d seen before.  Then I opened it and read the back of the box.


Here’s what it says on the box, “This innovative ergonomically shaped “waste reducing” soap has been designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars.”  Fantastic!  I’ll be staying at the Mosser again!

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