I’m NOT in the art show at Celebration V

I am taking a bit of a leap, but here it goes.  I have been invited to create my third officially licensed Lucasfilm art print.  It will be available at the Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando Florida.  The convention will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back August the 12th-15.  This print will be 12″ x 24″ matching my previous prints and will thematically fit to complete the series.

Now that I’ve said that I’ve been invited to the show I have to explain what I mean by the title of this post.  I have decided to move out of the art show and take up a booth space at the convention.  I will be at a corner booth across from the Jedi Stage next to Matt Busch, The Art of Ralph McQuarrie, Tsuneo Sanda, Tom Hodges and right down the way from LEGO!  I’m not sure where they will all be set up, but my friends Jason Palmer,  Monte Moore, and Dave Dorman will be also be out on the exhibitors floor.  (I hope I haven’t missed anyone).  You can see a fantastic interactive map from the Star Wars Celebration site.

I currently have 2 extra exhibitors badges for the show and some fabulous hotel arrangements.  If you are interested in working at my booth or would like to sponsor me please use the contact button on my website to send me a message. I would hate to see the badges go unused.

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