Creativity + Internet = Independence

I was first introduced to the band through their video for “Here we go again” where they were Dancing on treadmills. The video has been viewed over 51 million times. After it was released and started to gain in popularity, the band’s record label, EMI, disabled YouTube’s embedding feature for the video. I suppose they were trying to regain some sort of control over their property. It used to be a big deal to get your song onto the radio station. Having a super creative video is the new radio airtime.

They broke ties with EMI over this issue and formed their own label called Paracadute Recordings. Under this new label and with the sponsorship of State Farm Insurance, they created a gigantic rube goldberg machine for their video “This Too Shall Pass“.

Well they’re at it again for their new video “End Love” that I have EMBEDDED below!  If you really like the video, you can even go and download it. So creative videos + the internet = independence.

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