Star Wars Fan Days II

I have been invited to be out in Plano Texas on Oct. 25th and 26 for the Star Wars Fan Days II Convention.  The event is sponsored by Official Pix where you can all of your officially licensed Autographs and Photographs.  So in the spirit of this event I’m am putting together a few special items.

I will be giving away 5.5 x 4.25 glossy post cards and then I will be available to sign them for only $2.00!!!  Here are the first two cards I will have available.  Pretty cool eh?  😀



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2 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    You look hot.

    Who took that picture?

    Should I say that?

  2. Spencer says:

    it’s ok to same that I’m hot. You could also say “HAWT!” or “HAUGHT!”.

    My little 9 year old boy and I were out taken the car for a spin right after I got it in January. It was already dirty so we took it back by the barn where I shot my video. I got out and took of picture of the car and then handed him the camera and he took it.

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