Measure Twice, Dig Three Times!

I’m sure that we’ve can all understand the sound reasoning behind the phrase “Measure Twice, Cut Once”.  I mean, it makes perfect sense!  You can only cut a piece of wood to the correct length one time.  So I am thankful and grateful for the forgiving nature of dirt.  The Trampoline was sitting where we wanted the hole.  So I moved I marked the area that the trampoline covered, moved it out of the way and started digging.  We decided that we wanted to have a block retaining wall in the hole.  So we turned the trampoline upside down, put it over the hole, and then put some block around it to make sure the hole was big enough.  It wasn’t so I dug it a bit more.

We were able to get some block from my brother-in-law and it all got moved in.  The Block didn’t come all the way up to the ground level, so when it started raining, we had some errosion.  Not a huge problem compaired to the fact that the block that we got was bigger than the block we used to measure the hole with. :S

So, it’s time to dig some more.  I’m glad that it only gets to be about 100 degrees these days.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that digging holes for a trampoline in not my specialty….BUT IT WILL BE!!  😀


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