Went to bed, bonked her head…

…and then I couldn’t get up in the morning.  My poor girl tried to sneak into our bed last night.  She snuggled up to my wife and fell asleep on the edge of the bed.  I was awoken when she rolled out of bed and hit her head.  We snuggled up and made sure she felt better and then I took her back to bed when she was sound asleep.  It wasn’t until this morning that we noticed the eye!  poor girl.


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4 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    oh dear. This brought tears to my eyes. My poor lil’ sweetheart. I better come and give her some lovin’.

  2. Spencer says:

    She would love to see you, but then everyone else would be jealous. She’s a tough little kid.

  3. Mark Newbold says:

    Ooowwww, that looks sore, hope she is ok

  4. Spencer says:

    She’s fine. I think that the bonk completely wiped her memories of that horrible night.

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