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Lead me Lord Vader 0

Lead me Lord Vader

In a fantastic combination of technology and geekery comes the TomTom portable navigation device with turn by turn directions from none other than his royal Lord of the Sith, DARTH VADER!  Over the next...

Google the Star Wars Universe 0

Google the Star Wars Universe

Finding answers to all life’s questions can be difficult, but Google can help.  Even if you live in a Galaxy far, far away… See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. by

Fett is BACK! 0

Fett is BACK!

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back opened in 1980 and introduced us to a Bounty Hunter named Boba Fett.  The masked mercenary was chided by the Dark Lord of the Sith saying, “No disintegrations...

Hello Buck! 0

Hello Buck!

What a strange course of events. Last weekend I was in San Francisco attending the WonderCon Comic book festival. At this show as well as previous events I was pleased to speak briefly to...

Easy as ABC; Protocol Explained 0

Easy as ABC; Protocol Explained

Back in December I finished up a series of instructional videos for Academic Business Consultants (ABC). They were made for the Wounded Warrior Project which is dedicated to helping “Honor and empower wounded warriors.”...

The People vs. George Lucas 0

The People vs. George Lucas

Quite ironically, on Valentines day I heard about what Wired magazine called a “Really twisted love letter” to George Lucas.  The People vs. George Lucas is a documentary film about the love/hate relationship between George Lucas...

Choose Your Own Adventure MOVIE! 2

Choose Your Own Adventure MOVIE!

When I was a kid I loved to read the “Choose your own adventure” formatted books.  Like the cliffhanger serial films of my father’s generation, these books would put the main characters into perilous...

New Media Advertising 0

New Media Advertising

So let’s say you own and operate your own video production company.  You may not be the biggest or the best, but in today’s new media you don’t have to be.  Rhett & Link...