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Shoestring Cinema Presents TRON 2

Shoestring Cinema Presents TRON

Well it’s not the whole movie, and I made up the name Shoestring Cinema (I think I did?) but this is WONDERFUL! I’m going to try and find some more information about it but...

Ahw man! 0

Ahw man!

Well, the top 20 videos selected by Schick and open to public vote were announced today. Unfortunately, the video that I made was not one of them. I’d like to think that there was...

One Schick Video 4

One Schick Video

I’ve been bit by the contest bug. I put the deadlines for a bunch of contests in my calendar so that I can try and be better organized about entering them. I’m still waiting...

Total Video Views: 11,109 1

Total Video Views: 11,109

I went over to the Bandit page on to see if there were any new posts about my video. I don’t really visit the site very often, I just signed up to enter...

I could win 100 Grand?  Nope, just 20k 1

I could win 100 Grand? Nope, just 20k

Well, here I go again. I’ve got some screen shots of the video contest that I entered for Nestles 100 Grand Bar. When I bite into the candy bar all that Nestle candy goodness...

Dolly Zoom Vertigo 0

Dolly Zoom Vertigo

I thought that I’d be experimental with this video and try to do that cool vertigo effect from Jaws. The idea is that the camera dollys in while the lens zooms out. It ends...

zorbEEZ video 1

zorbEEZ video

After being laid off, I thought I would take advantage of the time and enter some more video contests. Below is a link and screen shots from my entry. ZorbEEZ is the super absorbent...

The Bandit is here! 0

The Bandit is here!

The driver got in last night and was told to wait until 9AM to deliver the car so that the local media could be on hand. Well, none of the local media showed up,...


This is a video entry to explain why I deserve to win the TRANS AM from Smokey and the Bandit. by