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I’ve been bit by the contest bug. I put the deadlines for a bunch of contests in my calendar so that I can try and be better organized about entering them. I’m still waiting to hear back on the ZorbEEZ and 100 Grand candy bar contests, but while I’m waiting I’ve entered a new one.

The Schick Quattro Titanium razor YouTube contest.  Mine is called “Schick Bigfoot“.
This is the first video contest that I’ve decided to get someone else to be in front of the camera. I mentioned that I was trying to be better about scheduling these projects but they just sneak up on me. So I lined up a girl for the shoot last Sunday (the 9th) and then called the guy on Wednesday thee 12th. LOL the contest deadline is 6AM on the Tuesday 18th and he’s going to be out of town until Sunday night! I decided to take it on as a personal challenge and do the whole thing in one day.

I picked them up around 7:30AM on Monday and we drove to Payson. I checked the weather and found out that there was a 40% chance of precipitation (and with the weather being so cold, that means SNOW!). We started shooting around 10:00 and then headed back into town for some lunch close to 12:00. I got back to my house and worked on my day job, took care of some kids, had some dinner, and then started editing.

Things went pretty good until I have to compress the movie down below 100MB. It just wasn’t working out for me. When I finally got it down to size, it took FOREVER to upload to YouTube. I ended up staying up until 5:45AM to try and confirm that I had actually entered the contest.

I checked the next morning and found that my video was entered in the contest BUT it wouldn’t play!!!! Something was wrong with the file! I contacted YouTube, Google, and the Schick contest people to try and get everything worked out. It finally started working this afternoon.

So here’s what I now know about the way the contest works, I had until 6:00AM to get my video entered. THEN, people vote on it and if I get a 50% or higher approval rating the contest sponsors will look over the videos and select their top 20. Those top 20 are then submitted for a public vote. The vote to try and get the high approval rating and move to the selection round ENDED 6 hours after I posted my video. I had one person rate my video at 5 out of 5 stars, but I don’t know when that happened.

After all that work, I’m not even sure that I got into the contest! 😀 I had a blast making it though. Here are a few stills from the video and then a link to it on YouTube. I’ll have more information to follow.


Special thanks go out to

Jon our Wildman/Bigfoot

Amy our keen tracker

and Peter who was snapping twigs and manning security


Lastly, we did get snow! On the way up this hill there was snow everywhere. It was a white out! Then, we got to the other side of the hill and it was gone. As we were leaving lunch, it started to snow pretty good.

here’s the link again Schick Bigfoot


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4 Responses

  1. Shellie says:

    Tell me, Spence, when do you sleep??

  2. Spencer says:

    well, part of the problem as of late is that I’m probably trying to do too much. I’ve got a 2 months left on my 3 month contract and then I’m out looking for work again. I always thought it would be great to keep winning video contests, but that’s not very realistic. Maybe some of these crazy projects will lead to a new job.

  3. Jerma Smith says:

    You have some very impressive artistic skills Spencer. So here’s a link to the post on my blog about my gut feeling that my turn in the spotlight being right around the corner. –> My Brushes with fame So let me know when you have that perfect role for me to star in one of your productions… no compensation needed, only a few minutes of fame is all I ask.

  4. Spencer says:

    Thanks Jeremy. I saw that post and I was thinking that with all those “Brushes with fame” maybe you’re some kind of muse! 😀
    So what kind of roll would you like in the next video? Stunt driver? Does anybody know where I can get some of those vacuum suction cups they use to move around glass so that I can mount a camera on the outside of my car?

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