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Healthy Options 1

Healthy Options

I am so very pleased in this day and age of food preservatives and artificial coloring that we can find good, healthy natural food options.  Like VEGETARIAN ice cream and (wait for it…………….) VEGETARIAN...



Today I found a package in my mail marked FRA-GI-LE!   I didn’t remeber ordering anything, but then I saw a Star Wars sticker in the corner and thought, “This must be from a...

Feb. 24th is FREE! National Pancake Day 0

Feb. 24th is FREE! National Pancake Day

Join IHOP to celebrate National Pancake Day on Tues. Feb. 24th from 7AM-10PM.  They’ll be giving away one free short stack of buttermilk pancakes (limit one frree shorte stack per guest for dine-in while...



Hail to the CH- CH- CH- CHIA CHIEF!  Man alive!  I can’t believe this!  When Barack talked about Hope and Change I thought he was talking about government and not about new ways to...

Dance Time! observations 0

Dance Time! observations

I just made and observation.  So, if you watch the Improv Everywhere video where they Freeze in place in Grand Central Station you will notice that quite a few people pull out their cell...

Dance Time! 2

Dance Time!

I wrote before about Improv Everywhere and their comedy stunts.  Well it seems that T-mobile has picked up on the popularity of the video experiment and made one of their own.  I LIKE IT!...

Millennium Falcon Sled 0

Millennium Falcon Sled

  This is from Gizmodo.  “You may never fly the Millennium Falcon with a Wookie by your side, but at least you can fly down a hill on a rough approximation of the famous...

Back online 0

Back online

wow.  I had a great weekend in Texas and I’ve got some photos to post but my server went down.  I’ll start with the Fan Days report soon. by

Perfect Timing 4

Perfect Timing

I won the Burt Reynolds Edition Trans Am in December and had it delivered in January.  Part of prize along with winning the car was some cash to help with the Taxes.  The car...