Perfect Timing

I won the Burt Reynolds Edition Trans Am in December and had it delivered in January.  Part of prize along with winning the car was some cash to help with the Taxes.  The car was delivered on Jan. 4th and then I was laid of on Jan. 11th.  Good thing I had some money in the bank.  Perfect timing.

I found a 3 month contract job doing similar work at a similar pay.  Near the end of that contract I was asked if I was interested in doing a print for Celbration Japan.  The Contract ended early and I was able to work on the print.  Perfect timing.

I went straight from Japan to the San Diego Comic Con.  Someone had not been able to make it to be in the Artist Alley so I was able to sit down an show off more of my work and meet lots of people.  Perfect timing.

We put the kids to bed, called our neighbor, went to the hospital, had the baby, I came home and was able to get the kids ready for school.  Perfect timing.

I have had steady contract work but things started to slow down a bit.  We started to wonder if we have bought a house too big for our needs.  Then my sister-in-law and her SIX boys needed a place to stay for awhile.  They moved from Indiana to stay with me, my wife and our six kids.  We are now known as the B’15s and our house is run like a flying fortress.  We have space for everybody and we’re reasonably sane.  I got an email to do some more work and the contracts have started up again.  Perfect timing.

We found a great deal on a freezer from Craig’s List.   We got the freezer a little while back and then our ice dispenser on the fridge started acting funny.  We reached in manually to get some ice for the kids cups to go to bed and it was a pretty melted.  We were able to transfer all of the  freezer items to the new freezer (except some of the ice cream :D) and then bought some ice to put in the fridge then went to Sears.  We found last year’s model on discount and I think we’re going to get it.  Perfect timing.

More often than not the comedy or tragedy of a situation will be determined by our perspective.

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4 Responses

  1. Piper says:

    Second blog posting about perspective I have read today. Think someone is trying to send me a message?

  2. Jennifer says:

    You have a great perspective, angel brother. I love you. Oh how I love you.

  3. Clint says:

    Tender mercies…

  4. I too was laid off recently and hoping I make some good timing on finding paying projects to work on. That’s for the encouragement.


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