McDonald’s Line Rider

Last weekend I saw a commercial that made me laugh out loud while pointing at the screen.  A McDonald’s commercial.  Wow, who’d of thunk?  So there’s a strange merging of social spheres.  McDonald’s is one of the big power house corporations.  They spend a TON of money every year on their marketing and when they work so hard at marketing, it almost feels like, well, marketing.

On the flip side is the idea of Viral Marketing.  User generated content that is so good, the viewer will want to pass it on and tell all their friends about it.  So here’s the merging of the social spheres.  Super corp. McDonald’s has used Super fun online games to advertise thier products.

Several years ago a complete work stoppage occured upon the discovery of Line Rider.  In this online game you would use your mouse and draw a sleding slope.  Press the play button and the little guy would drop onto the slope on his tobogin and go for the ride of his LIFE!  With practice the courses were made more and more difficult and then the best ones started to show up on YouTube.  It was quite the craze.

I had completely forgotton about Line Rider until I saw the following commercial.

and here’s a longer version of it.

Go here to try it for yourself, but be warned, you may become addicted!!!

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