Help me Obama-Wan Kenobi! You’re my only Hope!

Ok, so you get the Star Wars reference, and no, I don’t really think that Obama is my only hope, I just wanted to let you all know that I DO need some help. I don’t know how the blog stats work, but last month I had over 25,000 unique visits to this site. So I want to hear from some of you on the work that you’re doing and whether or not you have openings for me at your job. If that doesn’t work, I’d like you all to send me my $2.00! 😀

So here I am now looking for a job again that will support me and my family while allowing me to continue to grow as an artist. I sometimes have a hard time describing what I do because I really do a wide variety of things. I illustrate, animate, shoot and edit video, market, advertise, problem solve, sculpt, and in short, I create. I’ve got 10 years of experience building online training courses in Flash. I can effectively communicate my ideas even if I need to do so in Japanese. I’m a quick wit and a pleasure to have around the office. 😀

Even with all this going for me, I’m having a hard time finding employment. Without a steady job, I’m not making what I used to, but my expenses are all the same. I’d like to save some money with President Obama’s Mortgage refinance plan, but I need to prove that I have steady income to do it. We’ve never been late on our mortgage, we have super credit, but that doesn’t seem to matter. So help me Obama-Wan Kenobi! Bail me out long enough to restructure my business and get back on the path to profitability. Just Kidding, I know that I can’t sit around and wait for a stimulus package to save me. I’ve got to do something about it myself. So, I’m asking you all to let me know of job openings that you’ve heard of that you think I would be perfect for. Tell your friends and family. thank you for reading, and thank you for your help.


“give me my two dollars.”

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2 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    Have you seen Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog? This is an inspiration to me, as these were artist’s who were out of work, and decided to put their talents to good use. I’m not sure how much they’ve made off this project, but man it’s good!

    I keep thinking if the out of work illustrators and creative types could band together like this, surely we could put our idle moments to use in doing something like this. Perhaps an online graphic novel? Web comic with music and animation? Do you know any marketing people? All it takes is a good idea and some elbow grease.

  2. Spencer says:

    I love Dr. Horrible, and I actually did a bit of research on it (I’m not sure why I didn’t blog about that research).

    So the idea was spawned from one of those Hollywood strikes. Joss decided that he would prove to the big studios that the tide is shifting and that success doesn’t need to come through a Studio. He made it on his own and it made quite a bit of money. He gave it away for free online, but then sold a downloadable copy, a soundtrack, a DVD etc. I think that the difference between what Joss did and what any of us could do it the size of the success because of his fans. He’s got people sitting around waiting to buy the next thing he works on because the LOVE him.

    The key seems to be to build the fan base and then branch out with the next big thing.

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