Old Ben Kenobi

Here is a work in progress of a new Star Wars image I’m making.  I started out with a rough gesture pose, then made a clean pencil drawing.  I used a light table to make the inked drawing which I scanned and colored in Flash.  I’m using Flash so that I can scale the image to what ever size I need to with out losing any image quality.


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2 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    I already thought you were very good with this particular style, but with this one, I think you’re getting even better! This is a very dramatic pose, with excellent color treatment and shading. It’s just begging to be animated. Perhaps this is an Obi-Wan lost tales from the years he was a hermit out in the desert. Or else he’s keeping his light saber skills honed against a rusted battle droid that’s been reprogrammed with a comedic edge 😉

  2. Spencer says:

    Thank you! I like to approach these projects as if I’m making my own animated version of the film. This is for the scene where Ben cuts off Walrus man’s arm. I watched the Cantina sequence a couple times and in all truthfulness, I think that Old Ben was a bit out of practice with the light saber. I made this pose closer to what my memory of the scene was instead of the reality of it. 😀

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