R2-D2 Christmas Surprise

One of the things that I enjoy most about the work I do is making people happy.  We’re going down the rabbit hole a bit, but follow me on this one.  Back in 2008 at the San Diego Comic Con I got to meet some of the people that I had been communicating with online.   One of those people was Justin Chung who runs a site called World Famous Comics.  Justin was sitting by Joe Corroney who draws AMAZING covers for Star Wars, Star Trek, and Farscape comics.   Through Joe and Justin I met Ed Hawkins and Jeff Wedding who have been involved in comic forever and have started working on a web comic at RoninSpoon Theater with the Fillbach brothers Matt and Shawn who have been working on the Star Wars Adventure comics.  WHEW!!!

So Jeff contacted me and said that there was a small event in Las Vegas called the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival.  They hadn’t attended the show before but they wanted to check it out and asked if I would come out and be there guest for the show.  I was thrilled to fly out to Vegas and hang out with these guys for the show.  Ed did a write up of the show here, and I got to meet comic shop owner Ralph Mathieu at the show and he did a great write up here.

After the show we were hanging out and Jeff said that he wanted to get a shadow box from me someday.  I showed me one of his vintage Topps R2-D2 cards saying he thought it would be a great shadow box.  Well, it turns out that Jeff had been talking to his wife about this idea too.  So she contacted me (through Facebook) and commissioned the shadow box.  The big trick was to make it without Jeff knowing.  So I looked online to try and find the card that Jeff had showed me, but I had no luck.  Finally I turned to Gus Lopez, Super Star Wars Collector, and he sent me an image of the card.  I made that shadow box and sent it off for a Christmas morning surprise.  😀



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2 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    I have that card!

  2. Matthew says:

    Fantastic story – especially with the pic of him happy on Christmas. Great shadowbox too – I may have to get one soon once we wade out of all these christmas bills.

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