You Win some, you lose some

I found out earlier in the week that I was being let go.  The work has been a little slow and I was told that the company is changing directions a bit and that my skill set would no longer be required.  Oh well.  Last Friday I was driving around in a brand spanking new Trans AM and this Friday I’m packing up my things and being escorted out the door.

As I was packing up the HR rep asked if I needed any help packing my Star Wars toys.  GASP!!!  I very calmly replied that I could handle it, but on the inside I was thinking, “NO!!!! DON’T TOUCH MY TOYS!!”  LOL!!!  I thought it was pretty funny that I had that reaction.

So I got some money to help pay for the taxes on the Bandit, and I got the Bandit in 2008, so I have a bit of cash on hand to tide me over till I start working again.

Put out the word.  I’m looking for a job with the words “Senior” and “Creative” in the title.  😀

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