Awwwww, Oola & Salacious

Here’s a peak at the process that I went through in the creation of this new commissioned image of Oola the dancer from Jabba’s palace and Salacious Crumb. I started out with some quick sketches of the pose.


When I FINALLY got a pose I felt was decent, I enlarged it to make draw in the details. Once the pencil sketch was done I used a light table to make an nice clean ink drawing.


I scanned the ink drawing into the computer and then used illustrator to convert the bitmap lines to vector lines and then I colored it in Flash. I had done some other illustrations of Jabba’s dancers, so I re-used one of the backgrounds for this illustration.


This was an experiment in doing a digital commission. You can order your own commissioned art in my store, or buy some of my licensed Star Wars art from Zazzle.

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