Cad Bane is ALIVE!

So last Friday was the premiere of season 2 of Star Wars:Clone Wars.  The episode centered around last season’s newest character, a bounty hunter by the name of Cad Bane.  So in the two episodes that they showed on Friday we saw what a tough guy that Bane is.  He breaks into the Jedi Temple, steals from the vault, kills a Jedi, stands up to Anakin then captures Ahsoka.  Then when he’s trying to get off the ship two clone troopers get the drop on him and take him out.  WHAT!?!!?!  I don’t think so.  In the shot we see Bane fall off the upper balcony to his death, then one of the injured Clone Troopers jumps on the boarding platform to join the rest of the evacuees.  I’m pretty sure that Lucas learned his lesson from the less than stellar death scene of Boba Fett and what we really saw was Bane dressed as a Clone to sneak off the ship.  Hmmmm, he’s got those tubes on his face, I wonder if they could fit under the Clone helmet?  Here’s the trailer for Season 2.

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