SDCC ’09: I Know

I am super pleased to announce that I have been approved to make a new Star Wars print!  It was this time last year that I was leaving Celebration Japan and heading to the San Diego Comic-Con.  Another big change for me is that last year was my first time in Artist Alley at SDCC and this year I’ll be in a booth on the exhibit floor as a guest of Wildstar/Tempest at booth #4613.  Things are looking good!

When I went to Japan I made 250 of my “Sorry About the Mess” prints and sold them for $55.00.  For this new print titled, “I Know”, I will only be making 100 prints.  With that decrease in volume, the price of the print has increased to $100.00.  I will have a work print on display at my booth and the prints will be available to pre-buy at the Acme Archives booth as well as online (the link isn’t up yet).  So here’s the print.


Here’s a photo of the print.


and of course, a video that I made to promote it.

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  1. December 21, 2009

    […] I interviewed and has a portfolio review at Disney but it didn’t go anywhere.  Fox Animation Studios set up shop in Phoenix and I met with people, toured and tested for positions, but I never made it there either.  I settled into a job working to create graphics and illustrations for online training courses, but it was NOT traditional animation.  I’ve worked to at this job for 10 years now, and I’m slowly starting to work my way into doing my original dream.  It’s not quite traditional animation, but I’m having a blast drawing Star Wars! […]

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