SDCC ’09: LOST Shakespearian Ballads

I’ve written before about the theme I chose for my Beatles Print, but wanted to explain a bit more.  The first song that came to my mind was, “She Loves You”.  I thought it would be fun to mix classic literature with Beatles and considered drawing something from Tom Sawyer, but the song “She Loves You” made me think of Romeo and Juliet.  Thus began the Shakespeare and Beatles Mash-up.  The Lost Shakespearian Ballads cover consist of the following;

The Tempest – “Do you want to know a secret” – The Tempest is a story of a man and his daughter who are banished to an island where he learns magic to control the islands inhabitants and controls a tempest to sink a ship and bring more people to the island.

Romeo & Juliet – “She loves you” – Romeo loves Juliet, and he thinks his lost his love (but I sawyer yesterday!). The attraction between these two is pure magnetism.

Hamlet – “Let it be” – The ghost of Hamlet’s father returns to visit him and sheppards him in a quest. The communication between them is the flame that drives Hamlet to the brink of madness. As he ponders, “To be, or not to be” the Beatles may have answered, “Let it be”.

available for $20.00 signed at my booth #4613.  Get it?  good.



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  1. November 25, 2009

    […] describes the the depth of research and obsession that over took me when I was making my “Lost Shakespearian Ballads” prints.  Until then, let us bask in the art of Obsession as explained by Adam Savage from […]

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