SDCC ’09: Sketch Book

As I’ve mentioned before, I started doing art work and illustration work AGAIN back in December of 2007 and had a MARVELOUS first year.  I like to think of 2008 as my rookie year as an illustrator,  (yes, after 10 years doing graphics and Flash animation, I’m a rookie).  So, for the Phoenix Comicon in January of 2009, I put together my very first sketch book.  My intent was to show some of the development drawing created over the past year like a behind the scenes retrospective.  I will have these sketch books on hand at the San Diego Comic-Con and will be selling them for $5.00.  They have a space on the front of the book that I will draw a sketch on for another $5.00.  A nice little sampling of my sketches in full color with a personally requested sketch on the front for $10.00.  You can see a few of the sketches that I did at the Phoenix Comicon here.


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  1. Spencer says:

    See that photo of Mark Hamill pointing at me? He signed the Luke Skywalker sketch card that I made and said, “I like the SMIRK on that guy”. 😀

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