SDCC Wrap Up

The convention ended a week ago and I’m just now getting around to writing about it! I’m a bit surprised that it took me a week to recover from it, but it was a pretty big deal. So here’s a quick shot of the booth. I was LUCKY enough to be invited out to share a booth with Heather Theurer and Russell Walks all made possible by our booth sponsor Wildstar/Tempest.


What would Comic-Con be without costumes and friends? On the first day of the convention I found Waldo AND Carmen San Diego. Then I found the Transformers (as I was dressed as Indiana Jones), then Darren and Sonya as the mad scientist and Leia from Robot Chicken.


One of the best surprises for me was that my Best Man Eldon was out visiting San Diego from Colorado and decided to drop in for his very first Comic-Con experiences. So I lined him up to be harassed by Zam Wessell, visited Castle Greyskull, and then got out picture taken with the massess.


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