Jamie Hewlett designs for the BBC Olympic coverage

When I first heard the Band the Gorillaz I thought it was pretty cool.  Then I saw the videos and learned that the “Band” was really an artistic collaboration between Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.  Sorry kids, the Gorillaz are not a real band in the Traditional sense, I guess they’re more like the Monkees.  Hmmm, let me explain that a bit.  I like the Monkees and I like the Gorillaz (WOW!  I have never made that name association before!!) but both “band” were fabricated.  The Monkees were were initially the public face of a music production system.  They later earned the chance to make their own music, but at the start the were just the vocals and a image.  So the Gorillaz are a virtual band with animated characters similar to Alvin and the Chipmonks or the Archies.

Any way, I have always liked Jamie Hewlett’s style and the way that the traditionally animated characters are integrated into a 3D world.  Here’s a video done for the BBC olympic coverage.

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