Editing Video in the Cloud

Computing in the cloud is not a new concept, but it seems to be more relevant today then ever before.  Cloud computing is internet based computing.  So instead of having a single computer filled with all of you files, you store things remote servers and access them through the internet.  When I transitioned from a IBM to a Mac computer, I started to use Google documents to replace my WORD and EXCEL documents.

Another common way that we a using cloud computing is through uploading and sharing videos.  I recently submitted an audition video to be a host on Oprah Winfrey’s network.  I didn’t get the forms all turned in before the deadline, so I didn’t even make it to round one.  (Watch the video below and then call Oprah and tell her to put me on the show).  As I was finishing my audition video, I noticed that the contest submission site had an online video editor.  You could upload your videos, trim them up, combine them and then submit.  Instead of simply uploading your videos to the cloud, you could now do something with them.  It’s not as fancy as other video editing tools, but its free and it’s pretty easy to use.  Shortly after I DIDN’T make it into the contest, I heard that YouTube had introduced on online video editor.  YouTube.com/editor   It will pull all of your uploaded videos and let you trim and combine them and make an new video.  Pretty cool stuff. Here’s the audition video…

Here’s an overview of the new video editor on YouTube…

So I’m thinking that it would be a great idea to set up a user name to share with some of the other dad’s in the neighborhood. That way, when we are all standing around video taping our kids at their concert or other school functions, we can upload to a common area and then we can edit the videos down to one new video. 😀

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