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I’m on the Top of the Roof… 1

I’m on the Top of the Roof…

One of the other things that I saw around the campus was all of the other people that are making a better life for themselves by being part of the operations of the campus....

Around the School 0

Around the School

If I remember right, Shree was teaching some of the instructors from around the area. Helen and I went out on a walk and came across these meditations huts. I’ve come to find out...

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore India 1

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore India So here we are at the school. To my right is Shri Kristian (I’m going to have to get a hold of him so that I can spell his name right), and...

Guest house grounds 3

Guest house grounds

I took a little walk yesterday morning to see what else was around the grounds here. I’m pretty impressed. by

The art of folding paper is…. 3

The art of folding paper is….

ORIGAMI!!! ok, it’s a different spelling but it’s the thought that counts! Look at that key! It’s like some think that the dog on the Pirates of the Caribbean would have. by

Signed Sealed Delivered! 4

Signed Sealed Delivered!

I forgot to mention this. Before I was allowed to check in for my flight from Chennai to Coimbatore, I had to have my luggage checked. They ran it through the x-ray, and then...

The Journey 2

The Journey

I showed in the last post how grateful I was at my living accommodations, but I didn’t talk about what it took to get there. There is a protocol to driving. GO! GO FAST!...

The Diamond in the Rough 3

The Diamond in the Rough

So, the Chennai traveler’s hotel left me wondering what I was going to find at the University Guest Housing. Boy was I happy to pull in through these gates!!! Here’s the main entrance from...

Po-ta-to Po-tah-to 2

Po-ta-to Po-tah-to

So, it’s 4AM local time. I leave the Chennai airport and head toward the gate for Coimbatore. I felt like Tom Hanks in “The Terminal”. I was standing in line to go through customs...

Dinner and ….Book? 3

Dinner and ….Book?

  So I grabbed a baguette sandwich from one of the shops and then headed for my departure gate. On the way I noticed a vending machine with books in it! I’ve never seen...