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So I landed in Chennai, again. I had about 8 hours to do, something. Well, that something started with a trip to the toilet. I decided to use the stall labeled “WWC”. I’m assuming...

In the Airport, Again 0

In the Airport, Again

When Helen and I first landed in Coimbatore she commented that if felt like we arrived in Hawaii. Hey look! I’m in the airport!!! by

Off to the Airport 1

Off to the Airport

Ok, so on the road in India, you honk your horn A LOT!! The protocol is to let the other drivers know where you’re at so they don’t run you off the road. Some...

Final lap 1

Final lap

So on my final lap around the school we ran into a bit of rain. So the students lined up their shoes and umbrellas in the hallway. This woman was working to sweep the...

Early to Rise… 0

Early to Rise…

Man, I don’t know what I was thinking! I got up early so that I could everything ready to go, but it took a lot less time then I expected. I had planned on...

On the road Again 4

On the road Again

Well, it wouldn’t be a trip if we didn’t have a few snags. We got Helen to the airport only to discover that her flight was canceled. They said that they tried to contact...

Into the city 0

Into the city

I’ve been on the road a bit here in India, and these Trike taxis seemed pretty scary. Riding on the roads is like going down a creek. There’s a current and a flow to...

Mmmm PURE!! 1

Mmmm PURE!!

If there’s one thing that I’ve heard about India it’s their abundance of 100% pure treated water. by

Presentation 2


I better eat my breakfast because I’ve got a big day ahead of me. I think there’s some lentils in the curry, and then rice with some very nice red sauce. To the right...

India is starting to grow on me 3

India is starting to grow on me

There must be something in the water. I was getting ready for the day and I found this GIGANTIC eyebrow. Um so, I… well… I just thought I’d share. 😀 by