Final lap

So on my final lap around the school we ran into a bit of rain. So the students lined up their shoes and umbrellas in the hallway.


This woman was working to sweep the stairs. Her “Broom” is on the stairs near her feet. I’ve also learned that sometimes the Indian people will put a large swipe of the ash on their forehead to help keep them cool.


This is the instructor that will be participating in our Video Evaluation project. His name is Sivadasan and he’s been teaching at the school for about a year. He was a bit nervous to be video taped, but he seemed very grateful to have us working with him.


DOH! I’m such a dork! As we were walking up to the school of business we met one of the instructors and I can’t remember her name. I love the traditional clothing that the women wear. They all have such bright colors and detailed patterns (and I’m wearing an off-white polo shirt).


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  1. Jennifer says:

    When you said DOH it made me think of the simpsons and then I really had to laugh! You know that convenience store guy from India? Yeah. Doh!

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