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Sister cities 1

Sister cities

Well, I’ve come to find out that Flagsaff Arizona is part of the sister city program with City of Blue Mountains in New South Wales Australia! Below is another photo of Fremantle, which is...

Pink Diamonds 1

Pink Diamonds

So, Helen had heard that Western Australia is where the pink diamonds come from. She had an address so we went to check it out. It turns out that the address that she had...

Put a bounce in your step 0

Put a bounce in your step

Helen and I drove up to Perth (approx. 15 min.) and picked up Louise Heppell for dinner. Helen left India a day earlier than I did so that she could go to a Cisco...

The Witches Cauldron 0

The Witches Cauldron

We were walking around after finding my Akubra and we asked someone where we could go for a good bite to eat. They suggested that we go to eat at a place called The...

Shopping 0


So, I talked to a guy at a shop in Fremantle and he said that I would have better luck finding my hat if I went in to Perth. I picked up Helen and...

Calling Dr. Jones 0

Calling Dr. Jones

Well, I like to try and buy something interesting from each of the areas that I go to. I’m a fan of Indiana Jones and I was doing some research before I left on...

Back to Fremantle 0

Back to Fremantle

I really enjoyed the building around Fremantle. It reminded me of downtown Flagstaff Arizona. This is the Roundhouse. It was the landing ground for the settlers. I tried to stitch together a panoramic shot...



I went out to dinner with Aubrey and Jan. We were walking down the street looking for a spot to eat when this older lady stopped us. She was obviously the “Mama” of this...

Public Art 0

Public Art

These images are from a short video sequence that I shot. As I moved from left to right the shape of the MC Escher optical illusion illustration are brought to life. by