So, I talked to a guy at a shop in Fremantle and he said that I would have better luck finding my hat if I went in to Perth. I picked up Helen and Louise from the airport and then took Louise to the Hotel where she was staying in Perth. Helen was so happy to get off the plane that she didn’t mind driving around a bit. We found a parking spot and walked down the shopping area to find the hat shop.

Doesn’t this look like main street Disneyland?


We were walking back to the car and I stopped to take this photo. I found the hat. This is a cross between the formal, short-brimmed hat with the Indiana Jones style band, and the traditional western style Australian “cowboy” hat. It’s called “Leisure Time”, but the girl at the shop kept calling it Leshur Tem. Sometimes there’s a slight language barrier.


This is the weekend market in Fremantle. It’s similar to a swap meet where people set up their booths and sell stuff.


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