Calling Dr. Jones

Well, I like to try and buy something interesting from each of the areas that I go to. I’m a fan of Indiana Jones and I was doing some research before I left on my trip. I thought that since I was going out on this adventure that I should have the proper adventure gear. I discovered that the basic model for the Indiana Jones hat is made from an Akubra. The Akubra hat is 100% Australian made. So I thought that while I was here, I should get the right hat for the job. I was in some of the shops in Fremantle and I found this “Authentic” Indiana Jones hat. When I say authentic, what I mean is that it’s a licensed movie product. It’s a wool hat, and it had the right look, but it’s NOT an Australian Akubra. I took this photo so that when I found the Akubras I could pick out a hat that most resembled the licensed hat.


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