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All I want to know oh…. 5

All I want to know oh….

…should I stay or should I go? There’s a lot of variables here. I just got an invitation from Lucasfilm to make a poster for the Star Wars Celebration Japan. I’m not the only...

My card is on eBay!?!?! 0

My card is on eBay!?!?!

I understand that there are quite a few collectors out there interested in these cards. I just didn’t know how big the community. My friend Jess sent me a link to eBay. Somebody got...

Approved for display 0

Approved for display

I’ve completed my cards and have sent them off to Topps for approval. They have given me the OK to show off this scan from my first set of sketch cards. by

Marvel Masterpieces II sketch cards 0

Marvel Masterpieces II sketch cards

In the spirit of self improvement and making new friends, I have signed on to draw some sketch cards for Marvel.  These cards are licensed through Upper Deck.  I’ve been thinking that I would...

My new Bandit Friends 0

My new Bandit Friends

I went to a breakout session put on by Mike Kunkel of The Astonish Factory and Shannon Eric Denton of Komikweks. One of the things that really stuck with me was that Shannon was...

Phoenix ComicCon 0

Phoenix ComicCon

I got the Bandit on Jan 4th and worked to get it all licensed so that I could show it off. The first event that I made it out to was the Phoenix ComicCon...