All I want to know oh….

…should I stay or should I go?

celebration Japan logo

There’s a lot of variables here. I just got an invitation from Lucasfilm to make a poster for the Star Wars Celebration Japan. I’m not the only artist they’ve asked. They’re putting together a whole art show. So, I have to submit artwork by May 30th for approval. IF the artwork is approved (IF) then I will be allowed (at my own expense) to print up to 250 posters to sell in Japan. I have to be present at the convention to sell the posters. I also have to pay around $300.00 to have an exhibitors table at the convention. Then there’s the cost of hotel, food, and Airlines, not to mention that I have to get all those posters over there. WOW!

So I figure that it could cost me north of $3000.00 in expenses for the adventure. 250 posters at $25-35.00 (minus the 12% licensing fees) means that I would have to nearly sell out to break even. Hmmmm….  This is my first convention as an exhibitor, what are the chances of me selling out?  I do speak Japanese.  Maybe I could just work the crowd and they would buy some stuff because I’m so charming?

Maybe I ought to start looking for a sponsor?

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5 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Definitely go with the charm! 😉

  2. Blake Schwendiman says:

    Go. It’s not the money — it’s the opportunity.

  3. Spencer says:

    I can see that this is a good opportunity. The convention ends the Monday before the San Diego ComicCon starts, so I’ve been thinking of timing things to attend both.

  4. Aubrey says:

    Hey Spencer that sounds a really good opportunity I do hope that you can get the funds together to do this.

    And don’t forget – I’ve seen your Japanese in action and you sure are the charmer alright 🙂

    How many other poster designers are in the running to go?


  5. Spencer says:

    I think that the Star Wars Celebration IV had around 50 artists doing exclusive prints for the art show.

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