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The Beehive is a FREE quarterly publication serving the 320,000 members of the LDS Church in Arizona reporting on news and events specific to LDS members. Now in its 33rd year of publication, it is the most widely read LDS newspaper in Arizona. The Beehive distributes between 18,000 – 20,000 copies of each edition, reaching over 60,000 LDS members in Arizona and I am one of the feature stories.

When the Bandit was delivered in January, I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t any sort of fan fare. The driver showed up, dropped off the car, and drove away. He had been told to wait until 9 AM to ensure that the local press would have time to show up. Nobody came, so I called up the Beehive and told them about it. Cecily Markland called and interviewed me and they ran an article.

Thanks for the press!




*note* in the article the photo credit for this images is given to Brian King. I don’t know who that is, my son took that picture.  😀

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2 Responses

  1. alisha says:

    Hey Spencer, I stopped by to check out the Bandit and read the story of how he came into your possession, pretty cool story! Congrats! It was good to see you Sunday. How is Jennifer? Where did you guys move to “out East”? Tell Jen she should come work out at Jazzercise again. How are you related to Natalie Gardner now? Hey, do you ever teach Kids drawing/art classes? My 6 yr old would LOVE one….he loves to draw with a passion. Let me know if you do. A summer class would be awesome!
    Take care!
    Alisha Sell

  2. Spencer says:

    When I first moved here from Flagstaff I took a job as the Arts and Crafts Director at the Boys & Girls Club in Gilbert. I enjoyed teaching those kids. We would have some free days where they would just color and then get in line and I would draw pictures of the kids.

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