Mini-Tumbler (Batmobile)

I have written before about the guy who made a full sized replica Batmobile from the Dark Knight movie.  Well, if you can’t go so far as to make a full sized Tumbler, why not make a mini one?

T-man has done just that.  He’s also documented the build on his YouTube channel, and his website, AND you can buy the plans from him so you can do it too.  That’s what I call “Selling your Sawdust”.  He spent the time and money to make and document the project, and then for $39.99 you he’ll send an email of the plans.  NICE!

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  1. August 20, 2009

    […] got to thinking about the go-kart Batmobile that I posted about.  This guy really has a genius idea on his hands.  He has created this Batmobile because […]

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