Shadow Box Commissions

I’ve had such a wonderfully good time making these shadow boxes that I’ve decided to open them up for commission.  I started making them for as a display case for the various sketch card sets that I work on, but it really can be more than that.  Think of a character or a scene that you like and the shadow box can be made.  Spider-man, Batman, Voltron, My Little Pony whatever it is, a custom commissioned one-or-a-kind work can be created.  Next up on my list will more than likely be some characters from the Twilight book series.

To order the commissioned shadow box as well as buy the last 3 Indiana Jones Shadow boxes that I have you can go over to the Store that I set up.  I’m not really a programer so this is the beta store, I can promise you that it will get better.  I’ve added a STORE! button to the top Navigation or you could just click here.

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