Greetings from the HoloNet

Another interesting development with the Clone Wars Series and the online comics is a little button labeled “Podcast”.  My first thought was that the guys at The Force-Cast just lost their jobs, but it wasn’t to be.  This Podcast is actually set up to be a type of Radio Drama that takes place within the Star Wars Universe.

Here’s some info about the HoloNet from the Star Wars wiki page Wookieepedia “The HoloNet was a near-instantaneous communications network commissioned by the Galactic Senate to provide a free flow of hologram and other communications among member worlds.”  Pablo Hidalgo is the manager of Online, Editorial for the Star Wars sites.  I think that he had worked on a website that was called the HoloNet News.  It was like a newspaper for the daily goings on in that Galaxy far far away.  He reciently announced that it would be coming back.

The thing that I like the most about this is that it’s set up to sound like it was all real.  You can listen to the first HoloNet report here.

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