Bob Marley should not be his own Attorney

Another video is out by Seth MacFarlane.

One of the things that I really liked about the advertising tie in with Burger King was the creative way that they integrated the King into the opening of the cartoon.  The first cartoon with Super Mario was 2 minutes long and opened with the King being chased by the natives from Indiana Jones.  The second cartoon with the dog and the $25,000.00 pyramid was only 1 min. but it introduced the new King intro where he’s running in slow motion away from the bomb.  The Burger King “Commercial” at the begining was better than the cartoon.

Today’s cartoon about Bob Marley was a disappointment.  They showed the punchline for the cartoon in the teaser video promoting the series, this cartoon was only 1 minute long AND they re-used the King intro from the Pyramid short.  I was REALLY looking forward to a new commercial.  COME ON!!!  ADVERTISE TO MEEEEE!!!

So here’s the breakdown.

05 seconds   “Seth MacFarlane’s Calvelcade of Cartoon Comedy” logo is on screen.
15 seconds    Burger King animated integrated pre-roll advertising
04 seconds    Cartoon title card, “Why Bob Marley should not have acted as his own Attorney”
25 seconds    Cops interrogate Bob Marley
11 seconds     End credits

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