The Force-Cast

Not really any major news or anything, but I was mentioned on the Star Wars Fan podcast The Force-Cast during the email section.  I had just been emailing one of the show’s producers on FaceBook and told him that I had talked with Richard LeParmentier about the Star Wars animation that he wanted to do.  I guess that once upon a time The Force-Cast was trying to get Richard to do a Station ID for them and he wasn’t interested in doing it.  They asked him to quote the line from the movie where he says, “This station is now the ultimate power in the Universe”.  Richard said, “Everybody uses that line and what do I get from it?  Where’s my nickel?”  Well the Force-Cast has played that clip a few times and I was thinking that if Richard were to say that line, “Where’s my Nickel” in the new animation that he’s working on that the fans of the Force-Cast would be thrilled.

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  1. Mark Newbold says:

    absolutely, positively we HAVE to mention that to Richard and work it in there!
    Great idea, we will speak soon about Motti Now, been a horrific couple of weeks for work, not had time to turn around but easing off a bit, cheers!

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