Michael Phelps, the rest of the story…

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2 Responses

  1. Jeremy Smith says:

    That’s messed up! Funny… but jacked up… the things you dig up in your free time… Have you finished surfing the entire internet yet? If not, then hurry up because I am working on re-inventing the internet so people like you will have something new to surf. Instead of there being specific registries for .com’s, .net’s, .org’s, .us, .info, .me, .ws, .edu, .gov, etc., I propose we just eliminate all TLD’s and ccTLD’s and go with straight up names and numbers. If you want page # 1 on the internet then you will have to own that page # and associate it with the name of your website. Oops… uh…. nevermind the man behind the curtain.

  2. Spencer says:

    It’s kind of an interesting take on Journalism. You can take the familiar images and then edit in some new stuff and you have a whole new story. 😀

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