A day of Labor

When I sat down and mapped out what I needed to do on my various projects, I forgot to mark today as a day off.  So my Labor day had a bit of labor to it.  I started by finishing up some work on a website, which stopped working right when I was trying to finish it.  You see, I was trying to wrap things up by 10:00 because my girls had invited all of their cousins over to make a movie for my Mom, who’s in the hospital.  So, I worked with her last night to make a shot list and then make assignments for props so the day would go better.  I guess when dealing with about 6 little girls under the age of 8 things could have gone worse.

We finished the taping, then I went with my brother to the hospital to visit, then we came home and there was another party starting.  I’m so glad that I cleaned up the yard on Saturday.

Anyway, one of the things that my boy really wanted for his birthday was for me to make some sketch cards just for him.  So at his special request I made Rex and Cody.  I was feeling good about sketching so I followed that up with Hammerhead and Old Ben.




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