An interview with me

When I was promoting my Star Wars Celebration Japan Print I made a little animation from it.  Bonnie over at the official Star Wars Blog posted about it and it caught the eye of Mark Newbold from the website Lightsabre.  Over on the Star Wars Blog, Mark wrote,

“Just added it to Lightsabre, and laughed out loud at how cool it is.

Thought it was a shame that the Cantina music couldn’t be used, but having watched it a couple of times I kind of prefer the music that’s in there.

Great stuff Spencer, really liked that and we’d love to interview you on Lightsabre if you ever find the time!”.

Thanks for the Plug Mark!  The interview is available on Lightsaber.

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4 Responses

  1. Jeremy says:

    I read the inteview and I’m impressed!… check you out becoming all famous… I would be jealous but you aren’t filthy rich yet… or are you???

    Leslie and I just got called as co-Cubmasters here in our new ward so I am just giving you a heads up that we may end up down the road needing someone to help out with a pack meeting and you with your disguises and costumes may just fit the bill.

    Tell your son Hi from Landon.

  2. Spencer says:

    heheh, well, I’ve had fun being interviewed and I was surprised when they suggested that I was famous. I am not, by the way, NOT rich. I’m working from home doing contract design, illustration, and animation work, but I’m still waiting for the big time.

    Working with the scouts is a never ending job. Don’t have too much fun there!

  3. lizardbutt says:

    if they think you’re famous in the UK it’s really only a matter of time until the Queen has her peeps contact you to be knighted. Sir Spencer….You’re my herooooooo 🙂

  4. Spencer says:

    right on! I’d be SpenceSIR! I’m thinking that I’ll have to try and time things so that I can be a there for the Olympics.

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