Magneto is Attractive

So I was talking with my wife last night about some magnets that the kids have and that made me think, “What if I was magnetized?  All this metal stuff would come flying at me.  I’d be like Magneto.  I’d be attractive.  I wish I was attractive.  Magneto is attractive”.  😀


I used a little photoshop magic today to put together the above image.

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3 Responses

  1. Shellie says:

    Somebody has a little too much time on their hands… I can smell your adamantium a mile away…

  2. Jennifer says:

    Dude. I think you’re attractive.

  3. Spencer says:

    Hey Shellie, thanks for the quote. It fits perfectly.

    heheh, thanks for thinking I’m attractive Jen. Now I’ve got that Huey Lewis song running through my head, “…I’m so happy to be Stuck with you…”

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